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These are some Windows programs I recommend…

My Recommended PuTTY Settings

I use PuTTY all the time to connect from Windows to my Linux servers via SSH. These are the settings I use (that differ from the defaults).

Smarty, WinSCP and Timezone issues

So, daylight savings time started a few days ago, and suddenly some problems that I had with Smarty last summer are back. Last time I was relatively new to Smarty, so I blamed Smarty itself… This time I know better.

Realtek badly named startup programs

I use startup.cpl to check what programs I have loading at startup. Every time I go into it I get worried about programs I don’t recognise, particularly: RtHDVCpl.exe Skytel.exe

Moving iTunes from Mac to PC

I moved iTunes from my Mac to my PC today, in preparation for replacing Mac OS with Linux. It was surprisingly easy to do…

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