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Azure Portal – First Thoughts

Today I am starting to explore Microsoft Azure, starting with the Azure Portal (equivalent of the AWS Console)…

Forwarding incoming HTTP/HTTPS connections by hostname with HAProxy

This is how I set up HAProxy to forward HTTP/HTTPS connections to our single office IP address to several backend servers based on hostname.

Continuous Deployment Server

This is a minimal CI/CD server I wrote in PHP for automatically deploying my blog when I make changes through the GitHub / Gitea web interface.

Provisioning a Windows 2016 VM on Azure with Terraform

A script that creates a Standard_D2_v3 VM (2 vCPU, 8 GiB RAM, 50GB SSD temporary storage, supports nested virtualisation) in the North Europe (Ireland) region.

Using Docker Toolbox on Cygwin

Notes: Docker For Windows is newer and officially recommended over Docker Toolbox, but it doesn’t run on Windows Home edition (only Pro) because it requires Hyper-V. The following instructions may or may not apply to Docker For Windows (I haven’t…

AWS Route 53 white label nameserver setup

How to set up your own nameservers –, etc.

Creating AWS EC2 instances with the AWS CLI

aws ec2 run-instances …

AWS IAM setup

aws iam create-account-alias –account-alias davejamesmiller…

AWS CLI setup

sudo pip install awscli…

Docker Reference

This week I have been learning about Docker… Here is what I’ve learned so far.

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