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Can we have some pizza?


Luna & Bailey


Squirrel Eating a Sausage it Stole

Cyprus 2014

Sarah & Gareth’s Engagement Party

Mad Hatter’s tea party

Bailey Chasing Bubbles

Cookie & Caramel in the garden

Cookie & Caramel


Sarah’s 10km run

In aid of Crohn’s disease.


16 July 1999 – 6 August 2013

New Forest 2013

Christmas 2012

Cyprus 2012

August Bank Holiday in Golcar

Stan the cat meets Becks the dog.

Stan Drinking From the Bath Taps


Magpie Eating Bread

Birds in the Garden

Experimenting with my new DSLR

Sarah Feeding the Penguins at Birdland

Feeding the penguins at Birdland

Penguins at London Zoo

London Zoo

Christmas & New Year 2010/11

Doodle Pig

Salcombe, Devon

Becks Having Fun on the Beach


Granny’s 80th Birthday

Windy Arbour, Denstone, Uttoxeter

Moving House

Photo-a-Day Rejects

These are the photos that didn’t quite make it into the Photo-a-Day gallery in January.

Snow Day

Photo-a-Day – January 2010

Walk in Abingdon

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