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Photos Website

This is a website I built to showcase my photos.

Website Not Found

This was a holding page I put up for a while after getting bored of my old website.

Project Ideas App

This is an application I built to keep track of all my project ideas. It is built in Laravel and Vue.js.

Laravel Route Browser

A web-based route list GUI for Laravel.

Continuous Deployment Server

This is a minimal CI/CD server I wrote in PHP for automatically deploying my blog when I make changes through the GitHub / Gitea web interface.

Gist-Themed Blog

This was a very simple blog designed primarily for sharing code snippets and “how to” posts. The CSS styles were loosely based on Gist.


This was a web-based GUI I started creating for Laravel as an alternative to Artisan (the built-in CLI).


Awe is a tool I wrote to use at Alberon to handling the compilation of assets. It makes it easy to compile CoffeeScript & Sass files, autoprefix CSS files and combine source files together…

Yo License.txt

Generates a LICENSE.txt file - choose from 15 licenses.

Laravel Boris

Adds an artisan boris command to Laravel 4.0 that runs the Boris REPL in the Laravel environment.

Laravel Breadcrumbs

A simple Laravel-style way to create breadcrumbs.

Laravel Aliases

Adds an artisan aliases command to Laravel that lists registered aliases and the classes they map to, including resolving facades.

Cookie Manager

Library to manage opting in/out of cookies (due to EU cookie law). I wrote this to use at work.


Adds a rake debug task to Ruby on Rails to restart Phusion Passenger with an interactive debugger connected.

Sites Manager

Script to manage virtual hosts in Apache and Exim on my Debian servers.


Functions for handling files & file uploads.


Load per-directory PHP config files (similar to Apache .htaccess files but containing PHP code).

djmFramework Template

Skeleton application using my standard site framework and libraries.


Setup error handling to log or display depending on the DEBUG environment variable.


Check settings for register_globals & magic_quotes_gpc.


Config files and scripts for Bash, Vim, Git and other Linux software.


Country list and associated functions & Smarty plugins.


Converts an array of data to a CSV file.


Store passwords as SHA-256 hashes with a random salt.


Functions to help with modifying Nicecoder IndexU.


Stores flash messages in the user session and clears automatically when displayed.


PHP functions to make URLs clickable in plain text input.


Generate & check nonces to protect against CSRF attacks.


Base class for holding singleton objects, automatically instantiating them when required.


General utility functions and Smarty plugins.


Custom subclasses of Zend_Db (database abstraction layer).


Helper functions & Smarty plugins for creating web forms.


Generate the <head> code (title, meta description, etc.) in the application controller/views then display it in the layout.

PHP Mate

A general-purpose library for PHP websites. Rainbow Cube Website

This is a variant of the design I made in 2005, containing only links to third-party websites.

ProgMania Rainbow Cube Website

This is a website I designed but never actually built.

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