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Helper functions & Smarty plugins for creating web forms.



Generate the <head> code (title, meta description, etc.) in the application controller/views then display it in the layout.

Download MySQL database from cPanel to development server (shell script)

This is a tiny script I used to download my live site database onto my development server when I used a web host that used cPanel, but didn’t give me access to mysqldump over SSH (because they have Jailshell enabled).



Setting up Wake-on-LAN (with a Debian server)

Today I set up Wake-on-LAN (WOL) on all the PCs at work. It was pretty easy actually.

Picnic by the River

Mounting Samba/CIFS on Linux as a regular (non-root) user

smbmount //server/filestore /path/to/mountpoint/ -o user=dave,pass=XXX,dir_mode=0700,file_mode=0600

Monkeys Playing at Monkey Forest, Trentham

Granny’s 80th Birthday

Windy Arbour, Denstone, Uttoxeter

South Park, Oxford

Party at Andy & Tamera’s

How to keep the milk cold when the fridge is broken

House Warming / Moving Party

Moving House

T is for Tamera

How I set up my Debian web server

Recently I moved my websites to a Memset virtual private server (VPS). Rather than pay an extra £7.50/month for cPanel, I decided to configure it myself. This is my notes about what I did. It’s not designed to be a guide…

Amaryllis Plant

Use sudo to re-launch a Python script as root

This is how I ensure a Python script is launched as root, and automatically call sudo to re-launch it as root if not. I found it useful to check the parameters are valid before re-launching as root, so I dont have to enter the sudo password…

Photo-a-Day Rejects

These are the photos that didn’t quite make it into the Photo-a-Day gallery in January.

Snow Day

Photo-a-Day – January 2010

Christmas Eve 2009

Alberon at Christmas

Andy & Tamera’s Wedding

Smarty, WinSCP and Timezone issues

So, daylight savings time started a few days ago, and suddenly some problems that I had with Smarty last summer are back. Last time I was relatively new to Smarty, so I blamed Smarty itself… This time I know better.

Realtek badly named startup programs

I use startup.cpl to check what programs I have loading at startup. Every time I go into it I get worried about programs I don’t recognise, particularly: RtHDVCpl.exe Skytel.exe

Problems with torrents & Netgear router

Every time I tried to download a file using BitTorrent, my internet connection would slow to a crawl within minutes, if not seconds, making surfing the web impossible. This affected every computer on the network, not just the one I…

CSS problem: Content wider than the background

I’ve come across the following problem a few times recently…

Have you tried Google Docs yet?

Google Docs is an online office suite – it’s like having Word, Excel and PowerPoint all within your web browser, accessible from anywhere… for free!

PHP Mate


A general-purpose library for PHP websites.

Dealing with email overload in Gmail

Is your inbox overflowing? Are emails getting lost in the system? Here are some ways we’ve found to use Gmail more effectively.

Web Site or Website?

Recently while working on the new web site/website for work, the question of whether to use website or web site came up. Personally, I’ve always used web site, although I’ve never thought about why this is. However, it appears I am in the minority.

Airport Express / iTunes Sharing / Bonjour with a Linksys Router

I got an Airport Express for Christmas, so I can stream music to the kitchen or bedroom instead of carrying my ipod around with me. It works great, but has had me tearing my hair out for the last 3…

Shuffle iTunes Playlist then Manually Re-order Songs

Often I want to shuffle a playlist, but then there’s a few songs I want to move around. If you enable shuffle on an iTunes playlist you can’t move the music around. If you turn shuffle off again it will go back to the…

Dave-Miller.com Rainbow Cube Website

This is a variant of the ProgMania.com design I made in 2005, containing only links to third-party websites.

Debian vs Ubuntu

For a while now I’ve been using Ubuntu as my Linux distro of choice. On Monday I have to reinstall one of the Ubuntu servers at work, so I thought I’d have a look at Debian this weekend, to see if it would be…

My Graduation

Silverstone 2007

After Weeks of Exam Revision…

…I now know how to complete a Rubik’s cube (without a knife to pry it apart)!!

You’re Going The Wrong Way!

Handing in 3rd Year Projects

We handed in our projects today. I was going to photograph mine before I did, but I forgot in my haste to get it out of my sight! But here’s Rob & Steve with theirs.

Little Dave

Monksmead School year 3 class photo, circa 1993.

Rob Cutting Richard’s Hair

SUID Shell Scripts

I was trying to work out why my SetUID (chmod ug+s) script wouldn’t work properly, until I came across a page that explains why this is disabled. I’ve changed it to require that sudo ./myscript be used instead.

Devil’s Pie

A very useful tool for Linux users: Devil’s Pie.

Resolving Windows (NetBios) Hostnames from Linux

Oxford Luminox

Aunt Massey’s

Installing 3D-Desktop under Fluxbox on Linux

I finally figured out why I couldn’t install 3D-Desktop in my home directory earlier. It works now, and here’s how – I’m using Fluxbox installed in my home directory, but adjust to suit how you like things set up.

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