Eran Hammer, author of open source framework hapi.js, posted on Twitter about the troubles of finding funding to pay for the ongoing maintenance. It was split across several tweets – I have reproduced it below with paragraphs to make it easier to read:

The hard truth is that @hapijs core is not being maintained at the level companies assume it is, and it’s due to low financial support. For example, there are over 30 issues I have not even read yet. Some are 2 months old. There are (not widely) known security issues unfixed. I have made this point over and over again that the only acceptable solution is for companies to pay me. I am not passing control to anyone. While you are free to dismiss this as ego, I’m making a stand. I had it with freeloading companies assuming that maintainers are disposable. We are so used to a maintainer burning out, then handing over their project to someone else to work for free. Rinse and repeat.

I am extremely grateful to those who have supported my work with direct financial contributions. But the support I get is not nearly enough. I have been actively limiting my open source work to exactly the amount of sponsored hours based on contributions, currently $900/month. This has resulted in significant, visible, and alarming drop in project quality and support. It has allowed major issues to remain unfixed. I have also been very selective in giving companies early warnings about security issues before a fix is made public – based on $ support.

I care deeply about the @hapijs work. I still believe no one else can do a better job leading it, because it is my vision for the framework. When I think someone else can do a better job, I will gladly pass it on. But I won’t yield my role because companies fail to pay their share I am daring all these major corporations using my work to either use poorly maintained critical code, fork it and invest even more… or pay. If you or your company benefit from @hapijs and have the means, consider supporting my work at This work is costly.