AKA How to override the “created” date/time.

The TiddlyWiki tiddler creation date is stored in a field named created. It is visible in Info > Fields, but not in the Edit view.

To back-date a post:

  • Edit the post
  • In the fields section at the bottom:
    • Enter the field name created
    • Enter the date/time as the field value in the format YYYYMMDDhhmmssmmm in UTC – e.g. 20201213210000000 translates to 2020-12-13 21:00:00.000 UTC
    • Click “add” (it will disappear from the list)
  • Save the post

The date is not visible in the default template, but it can be added to the $:/core/ui/ViewTemplate/subtitle template, for example:

<$view field="created" format="date" template={{$:/language/Tiddler/DateFormat}}/>

It can also be used in filters – for example, to list Journal posts in reverse date order:

<<list-links "[tag[Journal]!sort[created]]">>