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Month December 2019

Laravel Route Browser

A web-based route list GUI for Laravel.

Coloured Tags in Nirvana (GTD App)

Gives tags in Nirvana a solid background colour instead of a small coloured dot that is difficult to see.

Arduino randomly fading multi-colour LED

This is based on lessons 3 (LED), 4 (RGB LED) and 5 (Buttons) of the Elegoo UNO Project Super Starter Kit. I set up a multi-colour LED to fade through various colours, and a button to toggle it on or…

Arduino Hello World in Morse Code

This is only marginally more advanced than the blinking light example in my first Arduino post, but perhaps a little more interesting! Again it uses the built-in LED, so no connections are required.

Setting up CLion to work with Arduino

I already did a couple of tutorials using the Arduino IDE, but I’m used using PhpStorm and missed the interface and key bindings. So I decided to upgrade to the JetBrains All Products Pack (since I also want to learn…

Setting up a Quake III Arena private server

Server setup Set up a Linux server. I used a DigitalOcean Standard $5/mo (1GB, 1CPU) droplet with Ubuntu 18.04. A desktop machine would be fine too – even the same one you’re playing on – as long as all players…

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