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Month May 2017

Funding hapi.js maintenance

Eran Hammer, author of open source framework hapi.js, posted on Twitter about the troubles of finding funding to pay for the ongoing maintenance. It was split across several tweets - I have r…

Windows 10 Creators Update notes

Today I installed Windows 10 Creators Update on my laptop (ASUS ROG). It wasn’t as straightforward as I would have liked… I decided to keep notes, in case the same thing happens on any other computers or at the next Windows…

Play Lode Runner online

I remember playing this on the Atari as a child...

The WordPress Template Hierarchy

Visual guide to the WordPress template hierarchy.

Can we have some pizza?

Downloading old websites from

With Wayback Machine Downloader.


The IKEA Effect

"The act of creating a thing with ones own hands increases the perceived value to the creator." "To hit the sweet spot we need to aim at creating a product where the level of effort is low …

Peer review scheduler in Prolog

Continuing my exploration of Prolog, I decided to write a program to generate a schedule for peer reviews.

Getting started with SWI-Prolog

Today I decided to learn a bit about Prolog. Here is how to start using it…

Docker Reference

This week I have been learning about Docker… Here is what I’ve learned so far.

Hot air balloon over work

Firebase Costs Increased by 7,000%

Some interesting comments about lack of support from Google. Seems to be a recurring theme in Google products. Something to consider when choosing a cloud hosting provider... They have no…

Luna & Bailey

WordPress Themes by Anders Norén

I really like Baskerville (which I'm currently using for this blog) and Lingonberry.

First Blog Post

This is the first blog post I’ve written in several years* (except at work). I’ve just decided to start blogging again, and I thought I’d start with why…

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