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Month August 2014

HipChat (Y) and (N) shortcuts for thumbs up/down using AutoHotKey

HipChat uses “(thumbsup)” and “(thumbsdown)” instead of the easier to type “(Y)” and “(N)” of MSN Messenger, so I remapped them using AutoHotKey.

Display a list of a user’s Gists in WordPress

This code creates a shortcode, [gists], which displays a list of all Gists by a user, grouped into categories then listed alphabetically.

Find newly created/modified files in Linux

Find files created today or recently modified…

Replace URLs in the WordPress database when moving between servers

Run this to replace URLs in the database when moving a WordPress blog from one URL to another.

Sammy & Martin’s Wedding

Plwmp & New Quay, Wales

Fire “Ask Anna” on the FedEx website

This is a user style I wrote for a friend. It removes the “Ask Anna” box that appears in the corner of the FedEx website.

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