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Month December 2012

Upgrade phpMyAdmin via the command line

This script makes it easy to upgrade phpMyAdmin on one or multiple servers at the same time.

Christmas 2012

Bulk (batch) rename files in Linux

rename -v s/OLD/NEW/ FILENAMES

Write to standard output/error streams in PHP CLI

How to write to STDOUT and STDERR in PHP.

Recursively copy a directory, including symlink support, in PHP

function copy_dir($src, $dst)

Recursively delete a directory, including symlink support, in PHP

function delete_dir($dir)

Split WordPress theme functions.php into multiple files and autoload them

I use this to split my theme’s functions.php into multiple smaller files on particularly complex sites, and to autoload those files (instead of having to manually require each one).

What is a CMS (Content Management System)?

A CMS is a system that allows you, as a non-technical user, to easily manage the content of your website, without needing to learn anything advanced (such as HTML)…

Extract images from a .ico file (e.g. favicon.ico) on Linux

icotool -x -o . favicon.ico

Alberon Secret Santa

Alberon Christmas Lunch

Quod and Turf Tavern, Oxford – with a brief stop to look at the Bodleian Library Christmas tree.

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