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Month November 2011

Automatically mounting a Samba share at boot on Debian

First you’ll need somewhere safe to put the username & password. We’ll store them in /etc/sambapasswords, and make that only readable by root.

Generating a self-signed SSL certificate for Apache

1. Generate a private key, 2. Generate a certificate signing request, 3. Self-sign the certificate, 4. Configure Apache…

The Checklist Manifesto – Summary

The Checklist Manifesto is a very good book about effectively using checklists. This is my summary of the advice, in the form of a checklist

Write tweets in your own words instead of retweeting

Sometimes retweeting is good – you can quickly share something you’re interested in with your followers. If you want to say exactly the same thing as the original author, retweeting makes it very easy. But sometimes wouldn’t it be better…

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