Dave James Miller

About me

I'm a software developer from Oxford, England.

I'm currently the Full-Stack Development Lead for the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford, working with Drupal, Moodle, Puppet, and a bunch of legacy Perl code that I hope to rewrite in Laravel soon.

I was previously a Senior Developer at Alberon for 15 years, where I specialised in Laravel and WordPress development, system administration (Ubuntu, cPanel) and DevOps (Ansible, Terraform, AWS). Projects included turn IT on, the International Association of Hydrogeologists, and Oxford's Department of Physics and Department of Computer Science.

I created Laravel Breadcrumbs, and maintained it until April 2020. (It is now maintained by Sheng Slogar.) I am currently working on a task runner called Bin.

I have a Computer Science degree from the University of Warwick.

Last updated 6 May 2023.


Some people would call this a blog, but I mostly write things here for my own reference, not for other people. You're welcome to read them all the same.

Elsewhere on the web

You can also find some things of mine on GitHub, and a handful of answers on Stack Overflow et al.

I'm technically on Hacker News, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and probably a bunch more I have forgotten about - but I so rarely post anything (or even check my messages) that there's little point following me!

If you know me, you can message me for access to my shared files (including photos and videos).

Contact details

If you are a recruiter, marketer, or other time-waster, please don't even bother.

For anything regarding Bin, please open a discussion or issue (as appropriate) on GitHub. Unless it's a security issue - then email me.

For anything professional, please use this contact form.

For anything else, please email d@djm.me.